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Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be emailed to Dr Andrew Nadolny at Andrew.Nadolny@newcastle.edu.au by Friday 14th June, 2013. Abstracts should be in Microsoft Word format and should be headed by the title of the proposed paper, the full names of all authors, and authors’ institutional affiliations. Abstracts should briefly locate the contribution of the proposed paper within any relevant literature, outline the main contribution of the paper and specify the key methodological features employed to support the paper’s contribution.

Authors will be notified whether their proposed papers have been accepted to the conference, by Tuesday 18th June, 2013. They will need to register for the conference before Friday 21st June, 2013. Authors who wish to have their papers included in the conference proceedings to be made available via the conference website should submit the full written version of their paper to Andrew Nadolny Andrew.Nadolny@newcastle.edu.au by Friday 21st June, 2013. (Earlier submissions are much appreciated as it makes organisation easier)

Late abstract submissions will be considered but not guaranteed for inclusion in the conference.

By submitting your paper to ATEC 2013, you grant Newcastle Business School and ATEC a licence without charge or fee to include the paper in a volume of conference proceedings and to reproduce the paper in such a volume either in paper form or via the ATEC 2013 website at any time in the future. You will retain copyright of the paper, as long as it does not infringe upon this right.